America’s Favorite Stains

On his show Taste of America, Mark DeCarlo travels across the country to destinations famous for their cuisine. Now, he’s on a mission to find out what food is America’s absolute favorite. Is it the chili dogs from Pink’s in Los Angeles, the Acapulco enchilada at Ricardo’s Tex Mex in Dallas or a loaded slice from John’s Pizzeria in the big apple?n nThese foods are scrumptious, but what do you do when most of it ends up on your shirt instead of in your mouth? n nAmericans are so afraid of staining their clothes that they don’t wear them as often as they’d like. In fact, more than half of Americans admit they are willing to forgo wearing the clothes they love out for the peace of mind that they won’t have to contend with stains later. Now with twice the stain-fighting power in every drop of the new 2X Ultra Tide, Americans can continue to enjoy themselves and the places they go to, instead of worrying about spills, stains, or spots. n nIn celebration of this newfound freedom from stains, Tide has teamed up with Citysearch.com, a leading online local guide, to conduct a nationwide poll to reveal “America’s Favorite Stains” and the ‘stain-making’ places and moments that lead to them. People can go to www.tide.com and vote for their favorite stains in 25 cities across America. The results of the “America’s Favorite Stains” poll will be revealed at the end of April.n nTide will sponsor celebrations at some of the winning locations across the country, including the overall National winner.nnProduced for Tide



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