American Chop Suey

Wendy Curtis is on The Rhode Show this morning to show us how to make homemade American Chop Suey.
much,an, courtney. let’s head over to the kit ken right now, pat africa. >> very excited aboutit this. hi, i’m patrick. nice to meet you.o >> wendy. good t o see you.u. i remember seeing you aroseund campus. >> wendy is here to help us out with our health a ond she’s going to make ae heart — wh hy don’t y d tell them. ll >> we’re making a heart healthy american chop suey and it’s going to be so geood that nott even you are go ying to knowow you’re eating something good for gfo you. >> wendy is onee the shetars at wmur news 9, — at eyewitness news, she’s an editor and is behind the camera every day, ay makes us look good. >> which is a lot of work. >> so wendy isnd the star of the show and tell us welhats goes in too making this heartma t healthy dish. >> we’re switching things up a little bit, we’ll be using a couple poundsupou of ground turkey t. and we’rewe also going too be using c



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