America’s “King Of The Grill” Rick Browne

America’s “King Of The Grill” Rick Browne brings The Best Of All Things Barbecue To Your Backyard
summer is grilling season on the fourth of july is sunday. with the parties we don’t want to forget about safety and we call about rick browne and he has his doctor of barbecue philosophy. morning, rick. >> good morning. >> you’re looking good there barbecuing in your backyard. i want to ask you before we get to the detailses of grilling, every year about 8,00 fires in people’s homes related to grills, barbecues, so what do we do first and foremost to avoid that hapening? >> first thing you use – rarely used ingredient in barbecuing is called common sense. you take the barbecue and put it in the backyard and remove dry grass or brush. you don’t want to start a fire. you clean the grill. did you hear that, guys? clean the grill every time you use it. not once a year. every time you use it you clean the grill. keep your kids and your dogs and catses away from the grill t is very hot. they



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