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Amelishan Bridal – family owned and established business since 1994. Owner Roxanne Schatz has been involved in the wedding industry for over 30 years, and is very excited and proud of her role at Amelishan. She just finished two terms as President of The MBBA – Bridal Industry Professionals, a national organization of bridal shop owners and bridal manufacturers and companies, and is currently serving on their Board of Directors. Roxanne also was one of eight bridal shop owners chosen as a Retail Member for the National Bridal Market at the Merchandise and Apparel Mart in Chicago, Illinois.nnDon’t miss the in-store Mother’s event Thursday May 6th 4:00-8:00. Enjoy being wined and dined as you shop our wonderful Mother’s department. Receive 15% off your dress purchase, 10% off your accessories, and a Free gift with purchase. Call to set up an appointment (262)628-1217nnAmelishan Bridal
>>> good morning, everybody. first up this morning a shopping experience where you can sip champagne and shop in style. how about that. >> i love it. >> perfect for you brides with bridesmaids, flower girls and maybe not champagne and mothers of the bride who want extra champagne with the stress of your daughters and all happening at amelishan bridal. roxanne schatz is here to tell us where amelishan was selected as one of the few stores in the country to carry a special line of dresses. welcome to the show, ladies. >> thank you. >> we have so many beautiful models, i can’t wait to get to them. let’s talk first about how you were chosen to receive this line of dresses. >> yes. >> we were choosing because of our large customer base and wedding industry and how long we have been in business and everything and we have the dresses in store for a limited amount of time because they are gorgeo



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