Amala Hold Is In The Kitchen

Amala Hold makes an Indian inspired dessert.
in india… although only 2 percent of the population is christian….those that celebrate do so with much fanfare…. amala hold is back with us today…to share some of her ertraditions and as well as the recipe ecfor a sweet indian dessert….welcome 3 —for those who celebrate christmas in indian…what are some of the traditions? tell us about the des sert we are making… let’s get started…. teresa is waiting in 3 the wings…to taste this..come on in..3 if you want this recipe just come to our website w-t-n-h we dot com and click on connecticut style…ect ama we are going to talk more with you later in the show… 3 coming up next ..we”ll have a performance from mafrthe new england ballet’s nutcracker suite….when .w connecticut style



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