Alzheimer’s Association Of Connecticut

The Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter is having their 2010 Memory Walk on October 2nd in Enfield and Waterford, and October 3rd in Hartford, New haven, and Norwalk. They made a brain healthy recipe.
alzehimer’s disease affects a persons memory and thinking… over 5 million americans are currently living with this terrible disease…. but the alzheimer’s association is hoping that advancements in research will enhance care and eliminate the disease asjoing me today is christy kovel the senior director of communications for alzheimer’s association asconnecticut chapter and william kovel a chef consultant anfor 28 degrees boston with a recipe and sndome tips for keeping our brain healthy. welcome…christy tell us about the maintain your brain program….. tell us about that..t william what are you teaching us today? let’s get started…. christy yosay thastt a healhty heart equals a healhty brain….what do you mean by that.. christy what other programs and services do you provide you have a 24 hour helpline..( take lower third) let’s talk about the upcoming memory walk… we haryve



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