Alternative Uses For Wine Corks

Alternative uses for wine corks
and we have also thrown plenty of these away over the years, but it is time to keep them. mar jennings is showing us an easy way to turn these into — >> all of us are collecting a lot of wine, consuming it, and we have a lot of cork left over. >> when i keep these, my husband calls me a pack rack. we can turn these in a trivot. >> identify 22 different cork an be sure when you are looking at them, this would not be a great one because it is cracked. make sure that it is solid. this one goes to the trash. >> okay. >> we want to find a really great one. if it has a great label on it, even better. if you rember it, gohead and select that. select a couple of pieces. we have done that already. you are going to need fishing line. you are going to need a drill, 1-8th drill bit, and then of course cork and that’s all we need. i have stepped it up a little bit. you need to work on a surface wher



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