Almond Financier, Apple Cider Ice Cream

We’re cooking Almond Financier and Apple Cider Ice Cream in The Rhode Show kitchen with Spiced Pear.
so much. courtneyco caligiuri,, let’s go to the kitchen where vince is getting readyge for delreicious ice cream gentleman. >> we have to keep our eyeeeou e on this, right? j. win nick. ni >> that’s right. s we don’t want that. reduction too much, no good. d.eve from the spiced pearpe in newport, how are you? j. winnick. ck>> i’m great. >> tell us what we’re’r making? this smells fantastic. i wish we had scratch and sniff tv. >> we’ re trying to takere advantage of s ome of the things we get during the holidays. we have a lot off cakes, a lot of fruit baskets — fruit basketsfr ba as gifts. if in this case, we’ve madead a financier, which is sort ofch like — think of it as a pound cake, in a round shape, withha a little bit — but b it’- s a little different than pound cake, it’s made with almond, flour and elmgg whites, but you can use any kind of pound cake, a loaf of bread, we have s



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