Alcohol Sales

Alcohol Sales
stocking up before they have to pay sales tax on their next bottle of whisky. “yeah probably just a little bit more.” dan sims will be adding a few extra bottles of wine into his carriage at table and vine. in two we.eeks h e’ll be paying more for his merlot. on august ofirst, bay state residents will have to pay 6. 25 percent sales25 ceon all alcohol. but table and vine doesn’t plan on burdening their already cash- strapped customers just yet. “even though the sign encourages people to buy as much booze bunow m as possible before the augustef first deadli ne table and vine plans eating the cost of the sales tax for two months so they get customers coming back.” theco bstore director says the government is double dipping on alcohol products. “there are federal ahend state excise taxes on alcohol but it alcohol products. “there are federal and state excise taxes o n alcocihol but it is ab



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