Airline Food Problems

FDA cites numerous health violations for airline foods.
talking about here? >> reporter: well, linda, one of the things, it’s storing food at improper temperatures. that could lead to bacteria. other things qoog unclean equipment. workers with poor hygiene like no gloves. and inadequate pest control for things like mice and flies. barry hopper who flies about ten times a year was reading the “u.s.a. today” article at tia when i came up. >> i guess it confirmed my suspicions. >> reporter: he says he tries to avoid airline food to begin with. the article suggests that might be smart considering the fda has cited numerous catering facilities for health and sanitation violations this year and last. >> these are all just basic food problems you shouldn’t be seeing in these facilities. >> reporter: two of the biggest airline makers — [ indiscernible ] and gate gourmet on west shore boulevard. neither allowed me to take a tour of their facility tod



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