AIDS Project New Haven

AIDS Project New Haven’s annual gala.
aids project new haven hosts a fund raising gala and this year it is a black tie masquerade bll. here to clue news is ben bloom. great to have you. chris, we have to ae sk this question, how do we comeon up with this being a masquerade ball? what is the idea behind this? >> it>>i is funi and festive. this year it is in thite fall and we thought it would change things up a little bit. bi >> and we’ve had a really good response so far. >> about 220 tickets sold and we can have as manys as 300 so planning on about 250. >> so planning on 250 so there is a lot of time fomr folks tos get on charg e and eget going and actually order. ben, i’m callin g him his father,h brendan en from lam cuisine,u you’re doing alinl the catering? >> we are . >> what is on the menu. >> a is an herb gnocci, and thed favorite is dessert with a chocolate raspberry tort, excellent offerings. of >> tel us what you br



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