Ahi Tartare

We’re Cooking Ahi Tartare with Chef Scott Chef Scott Mickelson of Paragon at Foxwoods.
now.ri patrick, what are you cooking?u >> i’m not going to be cookingco anything, because wee want th wis to come out gooe d. d. this is scottissc mickelson from the paragon restaurant at foxwoods f casino, welcome to “the rhode show.” what a re we makinwhg today? i see a lot of side — what are these called? >> components. these are components to sae uces t and marinades and m whatnot. we’re going to make ane ahi tar tar today. raw tuna preparation with cumbers, eisenbergrg lettuce,le lime, soy sauce with chilis. >> so you see righte herige on the screen, the components as se cott said, but this, the star of the show — >> is the ahi. >> and i’m a’m going to take out my reel and rod here, aelnd go to the refrigerator.at >> this — we w need a drum roll ll for this. >> you’re going toe need t a 130 setup for this fish. >> wow. this right here, look whatha i caught. that is just massive..



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