Adriana’s Restaurant And Wine Bar

Sonia Baghdady is in the kitchen with the guys from Adriana’s Restaurant and Wine Bar.
italian cuisine in a beautiful and friendly atmosphere. that is what adriana’s restaurant and wine bar offers. francesco and valentino are here. welcome back, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> we’re making an appetizer which is salmon. >> yes. valentino has cured the salmon for two weeks with some of herbs and spices we’re not alowed to say here. >> you’re not allowed to say what the herbs and spices are. >> you have to come into adriana’s and try. >> that is a god marketplacing play there you are a smart man, francesco. if you want to make this at home, you can’t because you have to cure the salmon for two weeks, or go buy cured salmon. and we’re making a pasta entree too. >> the salmon is sliced thin. >> that looks like a special knife. >> it is exactly for the salmon. >> just for that. >> you serve like this with the corn and fresh grapefruit and grapefruit dressing o



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