Adriana’s Restaurant

Authentic, light, and healthy Italian food from Adriana’s Restaurant in New Haven.
not have to mean heavy, unhealthy food. the boys from adriana’s specialize in light cuisine from northern italy. they’re back with another great recipe. welcome back. our deer friend — dear friends. tell me what that means. how do you pronounce it? >> miso — mixed fresh seafood wrapped in alminum foil and slowly baked. >> it is a combination of sead. >> fresh tomatoes, all herbs together. >> does it mater what kind of seafood you mix together? >> no. all our seafood, you know, i have every day in the restaurant with herbs, parsley, basil, you know, all together, and i bake in oven for 15 minutes. >> better seaood is, better it comes out. >> everything you just said and th some. okay, guys, let’s get this party started. >> extra virgin olive oil. >> how much are we going to use? >> just a little bit. >> and you have sliced up tomatoes. i’m going to swap with you. stand on my left, my lo



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