Cooking Italian food the right way
>> when you think of traditional italian fod, you might think spaghetti and meat balls or pizza, but traditional fods are healthy and not heavy. we’re making clean italian cuisine with the chefs from adrianna’s restaurant. what are we making today two recipes. >> yes. fillet minon. let’s get started. >> we have tuna tartar. black olives, chopped tomatoes, cilantro. >> this is relatively easy, once have you all the chopping done, right. >> and also extra virgin olive oil. >> this loks great. and you just mix that all up. tell us about adrianna’s. you’re on grand avenue in new haven. >> 771 grand avenue. >> i want to talk about the traditional italian fod because people normally do think about pasta and heavier type thing because there is a big influence of the dish in northern italy. >> seafood and meat, filet minon steaks. >> two minutes. >> two minutes already. >> and this is all done.



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