Adobo Grill: Chorizo And Corn Bread Stuffing

Chef Javier FuentesnAdobo Grilln
>> all right, thank you so much. >>> let’s quickly turn our attention to a thanksgiving tradition with a bit of a twist. great way to make thanksgiving stuffing with a mexican flare. heavier fuentes joins us. time is tight. let’s talk about the specific recipe you brought us. the big change is spicy sausage in there. >> yes, use mexican sausage. it’s a milder flavor, spices added to it. >> do the traditional components of stuffing work well with that? >> yes, the salary, carrots, onions, and just a twist of the sausage, giving a good spice of flavors. >> cooking is similar? >> yeah. you saute it, bringing out a lot of the flavor, the cheese a lot of flavor to the bread, wh ich gives it an authentic flavor. >> make it ahead of time, don’t stuff the bird. >> yes. do it ahead of time. >> all right. let’s quickly talk about people’s ability to make this, and you teaching them how? some class



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