Ada Village Farmers’ Market

Veggies, fruits &homegrown goods
fresh fruits and veggies….this time of the year is awesome for getting some of our favorite foods straight from the garden! garden! you don’t even have to grow them yourself… farmer’s markets can be found in just about every community.. community..i found a special weekly farmers market in ada…where the growers…are still growing up themselves!! themselves!!still growing up growers…are still growing up themselves!! themselves!! the kid’s garden concept is really interesting. the kids helped with the garden plan…soil preparation…plan ting..watering…weeding…now the harvesting and selling of the items.in addition to working in the garden, weekly classes were taught to help them understand all of the aspects of gardening…from seed selection to germination…. every tuesday…noon-6 pm….at the ada community church…very easy to find..7239 thornapple river drive in ada.we



Found Country:US