Absinthe Cooking / Naples

Absinthe Cookingnwww.absinthenaples.comn2355 Vanderbilt Beach RoadnNaplesn239-254-0050
It is elegant, possible and the place to dine in north nap naping. Good morning.nnGood morning.nnThis is our chef this morning. He is not doing much talking but doing the coking. Introduce him.nnThis is our executive chef albert, he has been with us for over a year and he is going to demonstrate one of our signature seafood dishes, sea scallops over a call flower pure.nnThose with god-sized scallops. I’m a huge fan of scallops.nnThat’s what we use in our particular dish.nnI see some beautifully colored sauces. One is bright green. What is that?nnThat’s the basil sauce and then the other one is the cal flower puree and scallops are served on top of the puree with the sauce on the side.nnWe’re going to let you get cooking. Tell me about absinthe. Where are you located?nnIn north naples across from the golf resort. The physical adress is 235 vanderbilt beach road and –.nnSpecializing in me



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