ABC15 Anchor Katie Raml Shares Her Chicken Picatta Recipe

For Katie, cooking is a family affair
onur website. you’ll find it under the entertainment tab. >>> okay, so she grew up in the valley and now she is one of the faces on abc 15 news and of course thyme talking about my — i’m talking about my friend katie raml. she brought along her brother. >> i am so glad to have you on the show. i am more excited to have you on the show than to spend time with her. >> in the makeup room. >> you did my hair, so thank you. >> this is called — you guys have just created the name of it. >> we are calling it while you are in the shower kitchen. we want to make it simple so you can do it while you are in the shower. >> who is the better chef? >> i would say me, probably. i cook a lot more than she does. >> say it with confidence. >> i am the better chef. [ laughter ] >> what is this? walk me through the ingredients. >> we have the peppers and cheese to throw on top. >> the more cheese the bett



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