Abate Apizza

Abate’s is celebrating 17 years at their New Haven location and recently opened a location in North Branford.
to good italian food annoy abates is unveil — food and now abates is unveiling new pizza. you run the location in an new haven.d af te >> i do. i>> the one on worcester streteetr 13 years has bob theree ben there 17 years. 1 in th >> we’ve been in north branforde nfl for five years . >> tell me elabout the name. >> it is a smal town outside naples. >> where your family reis from.f >> where my dad’s family is from and i was the sixth of seven children, they ran out o rf names so let’s give him the town’sand after 13 y name. >> you were thinking if i couldears in the nf hanfve onl y been fourt h or fifth,l no, we like it, it is catchy. tell us about the promotion going on. >> i was going to explain to you — >> s–tart on this end. >> unique special wackly and crazy pizzas.a >> this is an inter nationnal and theme. of course, we dofo oeur traditironalafter o13 yea pizzas at abate but we l



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