A Traditional Feast

Thunder Bay offers a great Thanksgiving Day feast -everything from roast turkey and honey-glazed ham to pumpkin bisque and homemade cranberry sauce. This buffet is a great addition or alternative to your holiday meal at home.nnwww.thunderbaygrille.com
because everybody stays inside. we know where that leads. >>> biggest day of the year is tomorrow,ing this. we are cooking with thunder b we are cooking with thunder bay. >> thanksgiving is good for family time. who wants to waste time in the kitchen together. >> not me. i don’t mind being in the kitchen but i don’t want to clean up afterwards. >> i guess don’t mind cooki >> i guess i don’t mind cooking, but if this is what is going to appear magically out of then air, i am down with this. to tell us how to take away all the worry of tomorrow and just — worry of tomorrow. >> good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> happy thanksgiving. very good. >> you have been taunting us with this amazing smell this morning. what do you have going here. >> like you were talking about for thanksgiving. not everybody wants to go through the trouble of making something at home. at thunder bay a nice al



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