A Tasty BBQ Brisket Salad And Alehouse Turkey Sandwich

Machine Shed is here in the studio to show us a delicious new recipe that’s light but filling. Chef Joel Christie makes a BBQ Brisket Salad and an Alehouse Turkey Sandwich with Sun Dried Tomato Mustard.nnName of Item: BBQ Brisket SaladnnIngredients: Spring mix 4 oznn Cherry Tomatoes, halved 3eann Red Onion, julienne sliced 1oznn Bacon, Large dice 2oznn Brisket, Sliced 6oznn BBQ Sauce 1fznn Queso Fresco, crumbled 1oznn nn Alehouse Turkey Sandwichnn Turkey, shaved 4oznn Bacon, Crisped 2 slicesn Provolone Cheese, sliced 2, 1oz slicesnn Spring Mix ½ oznn Tomato, Sliced 2 slicesnn Multigrain Bread sliced ¾ inch 2 slices nn Sun Dried Tomato Mustard 1fznn nn Sun Dried Tomato Mustardnn Mayonnaise 2 cupsnn Brown Ale (Newcastle, Fat Squirrel) 2fznn Dijon Mustard 2fznn Boetjes Mustard 2 Tbspnn Sun Dried Tomato Pesto 4 Tbspnn Black pepper 1.5 tspnn nn Mix all ingredients wellnn nn nn nnWhen planning your events and parties, think about the Machine Shed catering to handle all the details for you or you can bring your party or group to them and they can take care of you in one of their banquet rooms.nnMachine Shed Website
>> welcome back. today we’re in the kitchen with the machine shed. game food, on the menu. how to make a great barbecue brisket salad and ale turkey sandwich, topping it with a sun dried tomato mustard. >> that sounds delicious. this isn’t any given wednesday. it’s the machine shed wednesday. chef joel christie is here with good stuff. nice to have you back. >> thank you. >> looks pretty healthy. >> it is! >> a nice spread. >> i like that. should we start with the salad? >> we have a spring mix. we’re going to take our cut up cherry tomatoes. take the balsamic vinaigrette. >> you make a lot of dressings in house. >> yes. this is going to be on our new lump menu that starts the 15th >> do you find it’s after the first that people are looking for lighter fare? >> oh, yes. >> they want something healthier. >> a red onion, bacon bits. >> yum. >> that looks like a beautiful solid. >> take our



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