A Recipe For Success

Cooking Show Ratings Heat Up (Bloomberg News)
so did audiences for real estate-related television shows. they were now — they were flocking to it — they are now flocking to cooking shows. patricia wu has more. > cooking shows of come a long way to the traditional housing programs have evolved into reality shows with contests, challenges, and it looks like a recipe for success. the shows are attracting the biggest audiences ever to the food network and the travel channel. the net — 20% boost for the fifth network in july from a year ago. since 2004, the prime-time audience for the food network has jumped 55%. in 18 to 49 age group, ratings are up 79%. and the real winner for man vs food is the big ratings boost for the travel channel. ratings are up 35% this month from a year ago. that is 46% 18 to 49 age group, that favorite of advertising. this could feel more than stomachs. the owner of the food network plans to charge cable op



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