A New Way To Shop

Thousands buy their produce through a co-op instead of a supermarket.
thousands of eastern idahoans have found a cheaper way to buy their groceries… and while saving a buck is good for many… not everyone is excited. local news 8’s brett crandall joins us live in the studio… and with the growth of the co-op… are supermarkets concerned it will be hard on their business? karole… i spoke with members of the growing bountiful baskets co-op as well as local grocers to see how it is changing the way people shop. right now some local grocers haven’t seen a decrease in profits… but they do worry the business playing field may become uneven with time. kimber tower is one of the thousands of idahoans who have joined a co- operative group called bountiful baskets to buy their produce. once a week members pay 15 to 20 dollars for a basket of fruits and veggies. the benefits being its cheap… its local… and its healthy. “it branches out what we eat. i wou



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