A Meatball Recipe For The Big Game

Well it’s finally upon us and some people say it’s the most glorious holiday of the season…Superbowl! Although it’s not officially a holiday, many people look forward to it, because it gives us the chance to watch some great commercials, enjoy some company and share some food. We’ll learn some great tips from the author of “101 Things to Do with Meatballs”. They make the perfect table-to-couch meal for any superbowl fan!nnwww.clubentertaining.com
welcome back. with the big game in the future for the packers, this book is a must have for anyone. called “101 things to do with meatballs.” you don’t need to start from scratch. you can use the frozen meatballs too. more convenient. thank you for having me. >> we’ve got it earmarked with all these great recipes, bleu cheese, the buffalo ones, the cheesy meatballs. tell us some of the favorites. how can people grab this and go to the couch while they’re watching the big game? >> the hot thing to do is the slider bar idea. and basically, you start with 2 ingredients you can pick up at your local sam’s club. they come in a 6-pound bag for 12.98. you can’t make a high quality meatball for that price. and barbecue, all you have to do is heat them. i love to put them in the slow cooker. they’re hot for the entire game. my company can just come, they can pick what they want, that kind of thin



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