A Local Thanksgiving Feast

Analiese Paik of the Fairfield Green Food Guide prepares a Thanksgiving feast with local foods
analiese paik –the founder of the fairfield greethn food guide.. welcome back..3 you’ve brought everthinwe need for a thank sgiving t feast….uncooke d squash, poshtatoes, chestnuts, apples, sugar pumpkins, sweet potatoes, kale,carrots –just to name a few..and all of this produce and fruit is ct grown..and you bought it without leaving your house!! for the bush orcook…looking to simplify their thanksgiving shopping..รกรก you can order 3 on line at farm fresh ex apress.. people can also sobuy a local lo turkey?many people are just too busy to make their own pies, so orchards, bakeries and restaurants 3 around the st ate are taking orders. 3



Found Country:US