A LaBarbera Family Mother’s Day

Teresa LaBarbera and his family make an egg strata for Mother’s Day.
>> all right, this is very exciting here on t the “conne”cctonicneutct sictyutle s”ty lea” sassessment i brought my family in. we’re gearing up f for mother’s day, and it’s going to be fantastic. i wai ntwa tnto tino tinrotrduodceuc te o toyo yuou my younger brother peter, m my mother mary, and th tenhen my litle s sister rachel. weigh want 2-0 make s something sp ecspiaeclial f for mother’s day but didn’t know what to d do oh so we had to ca llcall my mom in. what are we making t today? >> we’re making a eg s strata, which is basicaliclyally egs baked with bread in a c custard with cheese. today we’re going to u use breakfast sausage. >> it’s pretty simple, you’re saying we can handle this, because we don’t cook much. i don’t know if you know t that. >> i have noticed that, yeah. >> so we kep coming h home. >> the god thing is you can do it the night before, throw i it in th ethe refrig



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