A Holiday Feast You Can Afford

Award-winning cook Kristina Vanni shares tips for making a memorable party. Ambiance, food, beverages and dessert can be perfect and affordable.nn nnwww.barefootwine.comnnwww.pomwonderful.comnnwww.athensfoods.comnnwww.pierogies.comnnwww.scanpan.com
>>> welcome. hosting holiday parties is fun. with different expense this is time of year how can you have an elegant holiday affair without spend ago lot of money? christina has easy ways to do it. welcome to “the morninglend” christina? >> how are you doing ? >> i am doing well. >> nice to have youack. >>> we teased before break there’s four essentials to making holiday parties a total hit. what are they? >> i think the first essential is start the evening off right. have a glass of champagne. it is simple. it is affordable and elegant. i like barefoot bubbley line. it is the most awarded under $20 which is great. >> nice. >> they have the brut which is classic and great on its own. in a variety of holiday drinks. here they have rose cuvet pairing well with fruits and cheeses and these that pairs well with desserts. at $10 you can afford to try all three. >> absolutely. >> it is nice to



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