A Healthy Valentine’s Day Meal At Home

We’re cooking Marmalade Chicken, Sesame Carrots, and Wild Rice Salad, a healthy home date night dinner, in The Rhode Show kitchen.
do it. >> thanks so much. let’s head over to the kitchen. vince is cooking for us. >> i’m not cooking, i’m just watching and learning. these guys are cooking for you. we have matt and m noel, these two guys are from gold’s gym in pawtucket and where is it, east greenwich, so where cooking, what is it, marmalade chicken today, which is very healthy, but it tastes fantastic. and what these guys are going to do is both of them are married, right? >> yes. new beard. be >> no beard for the storm. >> does the rife like it? >> she hates it. es >> the thing is stubby. here’s some of the ingredients. i di run us throughus them real quick. >> our our chicken, chicken broth sham lot, orange m marmalade, dijonal mustardta andd orange zest, we’llor make a beautiful sau ce with lean chicken tenders. >> we’re going to use the breast it’s of self. >> we’re going to use the chicken tender. >> it’s not fa



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