A Gluten Free Recipe

Chef Larry Landsberg whips up a gluten free taste test.
>> for more than 30 years cchef larry landsberg that is studied many cuisines and cultures and today creates delicious males ffrrom around the world, the personal chef and owner oof shoreline. chef,, welcome tto “connecticut style.” >> thank you for having me. >> so you specialize in gluten-free. that came about because of your wife? >> yes, my wife ffoundund oout that she was sensitive to ggluten, so we had to start re-creating a lot of hher ffavorite recipes in a gluten-free manner. which means you can’t use flour, you can’t use most of the tthings thatth aatre a rei inn your rrefrigerator. >> we were saying eeven ssoy sauce. >> yeah, things llike s sooyy sauce and hoisin sauce, if you go tto a chinese restaurant, have gluten. you end up rreading labels ought awl the time to make sure there’s no gluten in i itt,, aand you are able to find ggluten-free versions of almost everythingment



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