A Fun Winter Recipe

Families need to eat a little healthier in the winter and Crystal Mountain Executive Chef, Darren Hawley, showed us a fun winter recipe that is quick and easy.
[music] >> we are back with more of where you live from crystal mountain resort and spa. when familys are ready to warm up from the cool weather, crystal mountain has four dining options, there is something for everyone. i had a chance to step into the kitchen with the chef to see what fun winter recipes he is cooking up. the executive chef derderen. >> you need your fish and there is no better way than good salmon. >> beautiful presentsation. of what are we going to cook? >> another ingredient are beans. high in fiber, great flavor. we have soaked the beans overnight and put them in water and drained those. i fortified with chicken stock to give more flavor and will add onions, carrots and celery and fennel and that will finish and give the fresh flavor at the end. >> so the kids say these are beans? >> nice flavor. fresh herbs, rosemary, fresh thyme. this is my favorite. thyme is wonde



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