A Few Of My Favorite (Hostfest) Things

Why do people keep coming back to the Hostfest? The answer is simple…it’s fun! So once again, in that spirit of fun, we came up with a little song for the Hostfest. Earl and Molly Lundin from Big Stone, South Dakota were good enough sports to help us pull it off… (Molly Lundin, Big Stone, SD) Trolls in all poses and whiskers on Vikings… Warm woolen sweaters made to you liking… Steamy lutefisk to the nostril stings… These are a few of my favorite things… Sardines in tin cans and crisp apple streudels… Rummegraut and lefse and meatballs with noodles… An Indian and White guy that merriment brings… These are a few of my favorite things… I’ve heard a lot about it. There are a lot of interesting booths and crafts. Iike meeting new people. This is my favorite part of Hostfest…taking tickets (Molly) Girls in white bunads and boys in tall hats… Hi and where are you from? Can you believe that?… Danny and Charlie and anyone that sings… These are a few of my favorite things… When the accordion plays… When the money chings… When I’m feeling sad… I simply remember my favorite things… And then I don’t feel so bad.



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