A Delicious Nut Tart

A delicious nut tart
mio convenience to 450 degrees. i made the pastry for a single pie crust. i’m going to show you a trick for getting this pastry on this this tart pan. take my rolling pin, roll the pastry on to the pin and then unroll it on to the tart pan. then we want to pres it into the tart pan. be sure not to stretch the pastry. press it in. then if you have any excess crust like we do, just take your fingers and trim it against the edge of the pan. prick the crust with a fork. this is — do it lightly but this will prevent air bubbles from forming. then i’m lining it with a double thickness of foil. this will kep the crust from overbrowning while we bake it. pop it into the oven for about eight minutes. then remove the foil and bake it for another five. while the crust is baking we’re going to make the caramel filling. i have a half cup of butter. half cup of brown sugar. while that’s melting we’re



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