A Big Game Bash

Rich Hollenberg joins us to tell us how to host the ultimate big game bash.nn nRich Hollenberg balances his passion for cooking with an equal love of sports! He’s covered multiple Super Bowls in his career, and currently works with ESPN. Hosting “NFL Shop” led him to working in the kitchen, where he cooked side by side with some of the most renowned names in the culinary world, including Wolfgang Puck, Roy Yamaguchi, and Todd English. Rich appears on various morning television shows across the country, and also wows the crowds on the Food & Wine festival circuit, most recently hosting a show where he worked alongside celebrity chefs Guy Fieri, Aaron McCargo, Jr., and Fabio Viviani. His popular blog, “RICH COOKS!” features his favorite restaurants and recipes.nn nwww.johnsonville.comnwww.bacardi.comnwww.glad.comnwww.logitech.comnwww.bestbuy.com
the packers head to the big game in dallas. >> you want to make sure you kick these off right with this super meno. who better to join us than a foody and sports junky. how do you like being described that way? >> sounds like i should go into rehab. >> those are good things, though. >> right. right. >> that’s coming up next sunday. >> so there is a team from around here … >> you’re a tampa bay guy. >> well, just based there. i’m a football fan. >> you’ve heard of the green bay packers. >> i have. the first super bowl i correspond was the last — i covered was the last super bowl they were in. >> 98. >> they lost that one. >> and you’re cheering them. >> i can’t say that. i have to be impartial. but everybody makes predictions. i do think they’re going to win. the giants won 3 road games, then won the super bowl. i think the packers will do it again. >> you heard it from a sports junky.



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