90 Seconds In The Kitchen – BBQ Sauce – 7/17/17

90 Seconds in the Kitchen – BBQ Sauce – 7/17/17
[?] >> cari: finding new ways to enjoy summer barbecue is a fun challenge for me. i’m cari with the food channel. today, we are going filipino style with a banana ketchup barbecue sauce. that’s right. filipino chicken secures with slaw. i’m ready to marinate the chicken overnight. save half the sauce for grilling. for the barbecue sauce recipe and more, go to www.foodchannel.com. for the slaw, half cup vinegar, 1/3 cup sugar, half cup shredded carrots, half shredded cabbage, sliced ginger, jalapeno and sliced garlic. skewer up the chicken pieces. mop on the saved barbecue sauce. when the sauce has caramelized on the chicken, serve up with pickled slaw, with scallions and garlic. serve this up for your friends, and they may never leave! really.



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