8-16 Celebrity Chef Farm-to-Table

Jeremiah McClenahan from Fasta & Ravioli Co. makes a recipe.
>> we are in the kitchen now. from boston ravioli company, hello, chef, welcome back. >> thank you. >> i am so happy to have you back, of course. we have a big event coming up, and this is like huge, celebrity chef farm to table, what’s going on? >> yes. they contacted us earlier about coming in, getting some stuff from local farms and stuff like that, and showing people and demonstrating how to make and do something. so i was like yeah i like to talk to people and talking about food, so yeah i will do it no problem. >> of course, wtaj hosting the event, and we are very happy about that, because you have yummy food. so a taste of its here for us today. >> today we will make our yoeli. >> and i thousand some corn in because it is corn time of year. everybody is eating corn on the cob. so first thing i will do is take our raviolis here and open them up. nice to see the open bag there. >> a



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