8-15 CPAL Flashback: National Rum Month

Pete Banasick from Fine Wine & Good Spirits makes rum recipes..
80s. back to you. >> anchor: christie thank you. it is time for central pa live flashback. august is national rum month. so today we are sitting our sites on last year’s celebration. setting sail. with mix master, fine wine and good spirits. take a look. >> why is rum always gone? >> because captain sparrow our buddy pete has it. that’s why. august is national rum month. our favorite mix master is here for the occasion. >> that’s right. peter banasic back from fine wines and good spirits to missing up some drinks. good to see you. >> i missed you guys. good to be back. good to be back. >> this looks like fun. >> a lot of fun. let’s start, let’s do a ginger mojito. so start off with some rum. >> what did you call this. >> rugel, that’s the name of the rum. yaho rum. and then mint leaves in there. okay. and then we will do some lime. and normally calls for sugar. i like simple syrup becaus



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