8-11 On The Road: The Phoenix Restaurant

Visiting The Phoenix.
on wtaj news at 5:00. >> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to “central pa live.” i’m dawn pellas. we’re on the road today in blair county. all week long wtaj news has been on the road and today it is “central pa live”‘s turn. we’re live for the big annual festival the 35th annual festival in the shade. lots of shade today. and maybe some rain moving in. we’ll check with joe murgo in a bit to find out how we will do with that. and at 5:00 you will hear more about the festival in the shade and what that is about it. and the fun that you can have here. we are starting off today with a trip on the road to the phoenix restaurant in altoona. the owner of the restaurant met us at the rest restauranted to talk about the restaurant. and you may know the chef from out show “central pa live” come on with his wife. to share their wonderful recipes and we stopped by to meet up with scott and also ton



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