8-11 On The Road: Oak Spring Winery

Visiting Oak Spring Winery
a major anniversary three decades in the making. it’s a big year for oak spring winery. >> it’s our 30th anniversary. we are celebrating 30th anniversary celebration. >> congratulation. 30 years of wines and expansion. party room do it yourself shop and tasting bar. >> we have new wine coming out that won’t be revealed until the 30th anniversary or the new year. i can only tell you a little bit. but they are locked behind a secret door and secret room. >> maybe we will take a sneak peek. even with the big sealer. blackberry is taking off the blueberry we just bottled. a new batch of peach. the thing about the peach take a back of frozen peaches. it comes up like a peach slushy. on a nice hot summer day. >>> i want to say how this is all made. of course. let’s go. this the main room that we are now. we have 13,000 gallon of space at this location. peach, black, berry; blueberries are all



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