7-17 Caprese Tower

Scott and Kath Sheedy make a Caprese Tower.
>>> welcome back. we’re in the kitchen from the phoenix restaurant in altoona. hello. >> hi, thank you. i’m excited about this. because it sounds fresh and summer. we wanted to add a crunch to old classic. we added fresh basil. this is parmesan. it’s equal amount of each. i will mix that up. we decided to put olive oil on it to help the bread crumbs stick. >> we talk about the tomato and produce. >> dawn and i were talking before we started on. we’re excited to have some of the local produce available for us to use in the restaurant. you know whether it’s in addition to local tomatoes or pepper. it’s an exciting time of year. it’s about a week and a half away from changing the menu over. we will utilize as much as we can. >> for sure. a change in flavor. >> we’re going to make a twist on caprese salad. caprese tower. we brushed the pan with olive oil. we put the slight mixture of teas, p



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