7-13 H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. Eats: Cookie Dough

Kristina Marinkvoich makes a cookie dough recipe.
>>> welcome back. we were supposed to cook something live today. she’s under the weather. we have flash back edition of healthy eats instead. take a look. we’re in the kitchen with christina miss universal 2016. she’s back with another edition of healthy eats. christina, belle — welcome back. what does healthy eats joom helping everyone achieve a lifestyle for health you. it’s an acronym i designed to mean eating a healthy lifestyle. >> we are making healthy streets. >> we are. today is a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough dip. i just put in quarter cup of raw honey. this is a quarter of a cup of coconut oil. i left the coconut oil out so you could see. it’s hard. you have — jiggle it out of there. >> i smell really good. smells like sun tan lotion. >> there’s a cup of peanut butter. you can use this. >> you can. and then a half cup of milk. almond milling. i put a quarter cup i



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