60 Second Cocktails

With just a little prep time, you can create a remarkable, stress-free occasion complete with stunning decor, delicious food — and, of course, wow-worthy summer cocktails created in just 60 seconds.
>>> with backyard parties and picnics in the park in the swing former soldier john besh hopes all americans take a moment to toast troops. he joins us with his 60 second cocktail ideas, welcome, chef. >> how you doing, ann. >> i’m doing well. >> we can’t forget the troops, i think about that all the time as a former marine, meant so much to see what the uso did for us when we came back from combat that this is my chance to give back and we can give back with this 60 second cocktail, it’s just that simple. >> tell us more about that, why is it so important to you? >> this is a deal. this is — bacardi u.s.a. has teamed up with the uso and they’ve already donated about $100,000 to the uso and the uso for those of you who don’t know they do a lot to really boost the morale of troops around the world and here at home as well as their families. and so it performs a very important function for



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