60 Different Types Of Cupcakes

GiGi’s cupcakes
>> welcome back. it is the perfect day to get outside and serve up some sweets by the pool or on a picnic with the kids and we have found one cupcake spot known for their mile-high frosting and their dozens of flavors. it’s gigi’s cupcakes. >> look at these, gigi butler is with us, the founder of gigi’s cupcakes, brand new to the san antonio area, and i don’t know if i can stand here with all of these without eating some — >> i think, they are very tempting. we brought one of each flavor. >> tell me how this started for you? >> my brother stood in line — i have a cleaning company i started when i was 15 a i’ve always been somewhat of an entrepreneur, and my brother went to new york city and stood in line to get cupcakes and said these are not as good as yours and moms and you should open a business. and i tried to get a loan but they — all the banks — laughed many any face and so i t



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