60 Days To Change

60 days to change
part of everyday life. bill luallen/cell phone user: “it’s very important in my business.” or that fancy cup of coffee. “is it a luxury or a necessity?” greg morris/c offee drinker: “very important. i’m not giving it up. dave : “why not?” greg: “it gives me the energy i need this afternoon to face the music back at work.” coffee and cell phones are part of what financial expert peter dunn calls the “new necessities.” peter dunn/60 days to change: “the new necessities are really what ly twe’ve come to expect out of ourselves. do you have to have high speed internet access … the best cable plan. stopping for coffee every day on the wayy to work. these things that we don’t look at as luxuries, but as rights.” tonight on news 1 0.. we’ll look at a whether the first week is adding tension to the lives of our 3 families… as they learn for the first time, how to put together a financial pla



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