$5000 Burger And Wine In Las Vegas

Comes with a bottle of 1995 Petrus
normally costs a dollar or two. but in las vegas they do things differently. a burger and a bottle of wine there can cost you five- thousand dollars. that’s right, five grand. this is no value meal. the exercise in excess is the creation of chef hubert keller, who owns the fleur restaurant on the vegas strip. as you would expect – one thing you won’t see in this burger is cheap cut of beef. “truffles are highly prized and so is fois gras and so is kobe beef. o/c so we figured we could just combine it into one burger and make it the ultimate burger experience. covered thy>íz /tle truffle sauce that we also throw on.” do you put ketchup on that? the burger by itself costs 79 dollars. but what really drives up the price is the bottle of wine. the 1995 bottle of petrus pomereol retails for just under five thousand dollars. the restaurant says it had one party where the host ordered eight bo



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