500 Cake

LaSalle Bakery made a special anniversary cake for the Rhode Show.
is, so we’re going to be talking to the designer about their creations. a big party on “the rhoarde show” today. >> a big one. >> of c ourse, what do we do on the s how, get all dressed up and eat.t. 500th0t episode, you’vpie got to ot check out this. >> look at that. that cake is crazy. this is our 500th cake and our friends at lasalle bakeryer wanted te to give us a huge surpugrise for our show anniversary. this is big. they probably ha d to use the ovens at boths locations to make this big one for us, so we thank you, all of them at lasalle bakery, from all of us who crew and work on this show, everyone here is dying to have a piece of that big creation. >> i know i am. k >> it looks wonderful. >> you see whatee they put on there? they’ve got entertainment, in they’ve covered the roadways,ay they’ve got a section from our kitchen on there, both of our logos, there’s a lot of workk tha



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