5 Ways To Bring Comfort To Your Kitchen

Chef G. Garvin And Chef Helen RobertsnWith the cool weather around the corner, thoughts of comfort food are in the air. Aromas of simmering soups, bubbling hot casseroles and baking cobblers draw us into the kitchen calling to mind good times with family and friends.n nJoin Chef G. Garvin And Chef Helen Roberts as They Show Us 5 Ways To Bring That Comfort To Our Kitchens…With A Little Pizzazz
From weiner schnitzel to mac and cheese before bill left he got a chance toes visit with two chefs about how to put a unique twist on classic foods. Check it out.nnTime to take you into a kitchen for a contemporary twist object an old affordable favorite. Two chefs for this. Chef g. Garvin and chef helen republickers, good morning.nnGood morning.nnYou like delicious. You have five ways to bring the comfort into the curben with pizzazz.nnAbsolutely. We are talking about comfort food today and kick it up with kikkoman products. Growing up on pork we bake ited, smothered it but moving today we have a quick marinade. Do it in about ten seconds. I’ve got line ponzou and orange juice nor the pork loin, a little bit of honey, bill, you with me there?nnI’ve got sm and paprika and a little bit of brown sugar. Okay? So what we do is we simply mix it together just like so. That’s how simple it is.



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