5 Optimal Foods For Your Life

Instead of taking foods out of your life, here are some foods you should put in your diet to help live a healthier life and battle life’s challenges.
can you make a headache go away? rather than taking things out of your diet, you can add foods to improve your life. is he a dietitian and natural foods expert and author. dave grotto joins us. a guyeticiap what is that? >> i am a male and i am a regular guy and love food. who doesn’t get excited about delicious tasting foods like what’s before us here? >> you said this is food you should incorporate into your diet to help you? >> sure. the reason i wrote this book is patients were coming to me in private practice saying dave, stop telling me what not toe ed. tell me what i can add in to help fight cancer and the day- to-day challenges we have, fatigue, pain, mental, physical and sexual performances can be taken care of by food. >> let’s do it. >> let the games begin. >> yeah. >> let’s go right to the right. we have chocolate and tea. >> do you like chocolate? >> i do, but i’m allergic.



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