5 Kid-friendly Meals That Are Nutritious, Too.

After picking the kids up from after school activities and then helping them with their homework, putting a healthy dinner on the table may be the last thing on a parent’s mind.
>>> moms are you tired of fighting with the kids over what is for dinner? put something on the table they are going to eat and your headaches are sure to go away. michelle is slaving over the stove so we can learn five kid friendly options that are no sweat in the kitchen. >> super easy. thanks for having me. i’ve made a big i’m a big fan of the crock pot these days. when you have infant baby girl. i dusted it off. first dish, we are making is called a south african chicken stew for the kids. this one is easy. i’m browning chicken breasts and using the use — use it in cooking. also baking and spreading. this is made with nutritus oils. >> any reason why wouldn’t use olive oil? >> the flavor. you don’t get the buttery taste that we like to have. something like i can’t belief it’s not butter or country crock has the buttery taste. what we do, while that’s browning, add the rest of the ing



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