$5 Dinner Mom Shares Her Secrets

Meals for the family for only $5!
welcome back to “san antonio living.” well if you’re going crazy trying to get everything ready for the holidays. >> and erin chase is here: she’s the author of the $5 dinner mom cookbook. and i found this really hard to believe you can feed a family on 5 bucks. i have a family of the five now. i started this when we were a family of four. my idea is set a price limit for yourself, and that’s like a goal or challenge help you bring your overall grocery bill down. >> so this is definitely welcomed advice. and let’s start with what smells so good in the studio. right it’s a breakfast item. >> this is my blueberry breakfast bake. you can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> it’s so great, and it’s so beautiful. >> you can do this in seconds. i did in two minutes last night. >> eight eggs, and milk and cup of milk. and we’re going to whip this together. this is fresh bread and i usuall



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